Job Creation Programme



We seek to create smart jobs that will integrate with aerial sensors, unmanned technology and IoT sensors.

Smart jobs in sub-Saharan Africa revolve around core industries of Agriculture, Manufacturing, Property and Communication.

Private Sector Smart Job Creation:

  • Smart farming using agricultural drones and algorithmic software.
  • Manufacturing risks - reducing loss of life and damage to property aerial imagery and thermography to identify risks before they materialise.
  • Property surveys and surveillance using perpetual flight technology, 3D mapping and site management.
  • Asset protection using perpetual surveillance, recognition software and thermography.

Jobs Serving the Community:

Our community based jobs focus on the greater good aimed at: (i) protection of people and property, (ii) preservation of historical sites of importance and (iii) management of the environment

  • Serving people and protecting property – perpetual aerial surveillance enables authorities to observe factual real-time data for crowd and disaster management.
  • Historical sites can be mapped through aerial photography and sensing devices to identify geological sites of importance.
  • Environmental management is a broad field and extends from water management, anti-poaching through to management of invasive species.