About Us



We train suitable candidates through the Edudrone platform as:

  • Assistant operators – Tethered Drones (3 months learnership in job)
  • Tethered Drone Operators (3 months learnership in job)
  • Commercial Drone Pilots (3 month contract as RPL Pilot)

Training is based on society needs working with local Civil Aviation Authorities to ensure compliance with the CAA and other regulatory bodies. Candidates are identified from within communities and are trained on (i) information technology, (ii) drone hardware, (iii) drone software ecosystem and (iv) safety and aviation law.

Successful candidates will graduate through the learnership programme from Assistant Operator, to Tethered Drone Operator to RPL Pilot.

Unemployed youth can be trained over a 9 month period to become professional drone pilots, with an internationally recognised RPL qualification, capable of meeting the requirements of piloted drones of the future. Average salaries for qualified RPL pilots in Africa are in the region of $1,000 to $1,250 per month.